Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sticks and stones

It's always somewhat amusing to me that some people cannot seem make a political point without resorting to name-calling.

Dan Casey provides an excellent example in his post The Whole Tenth Amendment business is dumb and crazy. (With all due respect to the framers - I'm sure.)

He proceeds to call me (because I am one of those people he derisively calls a "Tenther") a dope and an ingrnoramus. Oh yeah, and a racist. You can't ever forget to call somebody you disagree with a racist. That one I find particularly amusing, for obvious reasons.

What's particularly funny about Casey's post is that he calls me an "intellectual boob" after demonstrating his own historical ignorance and lack of constitutional knowledge.

I could spend some time rebutting his ridiculous assertions, but one of my fellow intellectual boobs over at the Tenth Amendment Center did a good job of that already. Check it out here.

Stuff like this used to bother me. Perhaps I have developed thicker skin over the last couple of years, but it really doesn't rankle me any more. It just makes me chuckle. I mean seriously, it's really hard to maintain any credibility when you sink to ad hominem attacks while butchering the actual fact of the matter. And your position as a columnist at a major newspaper doesn't automatically bestow said credibility. Just sayin'.

So anyway, now I just content myself to point out their bloviations. Sometimes it's better to just let people talk (or write as the case may be) and put their own ignorance on display.

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